“Your concerns become our concerns”


“Success is measured by what you do with your life”

newjoHis patients come bearing gifts -- home-baked cookies, books, a story to tell. The man who wanted to be either an astronomer or marine biologist is one of Ocala's best loved and most respected urologists.

Dr. Paul Jo left his native Korea for Dallas at age 14. In a few years, he went from knowing virtually nothing about the language or culture to acing it at med school at Dallas, followed by residency at the University of Tennessee. Along the way he married Marie- professional concert pianist, ex-Peabody School of Music at Johns Hopkins and Yale, and the Memphis Symphony.


Dr. Jo was invited to join a medical practice in Ocala and did, but now he's on his own and expanding. Making the rounds by 6 a.m., he makes it a point to be home by 8 in the evening, to be with and read stories to and tuck into bed our three children," ages 2 to 7. "My guideposts in life and priorities are my faith, my family, my practice, Dr. Jo says. And when he speaks of his practice, he says it is his staff who helps him to be successful.


"In this field we see a lot of patients who have been married for 40 or 50 years, where one partner is looking after the other and their lives are filled with fear, stress, strains, a feeling of helplessness - the worst feeling a person could have. My staff and I realize that and we listen, really listen, knowing that perhaps we are the only ones the patient or the spouse has spoken to or vented their anxieties to in weeks. We care and we communicate from the heart.


Money is not a measure of success, says Dr. Jo. "It is only a vehicle to provide caring and love for others."


Along the way, the Jos have also started enriching Ocala's cultural scene, launching a new nonprofit organization called Celebrate Life Concert Series, with proceeds going to charity and scholarships. Marie Jo's concert at the Appleton will now be followed by concerts at CFCC in September, with star performers from the julliard and the Met on the calendar.


"Success," says Dr. Jo, "is measured by what you do with your life. When I stand before God at the end of my life, and God tells me that I have been a faithful servant, then I'll know that my life has been a success."

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